Muammar al-Gaddafi


The African Union

I read The Green Book in one sitting. The Green Book represents some of Muammar al-Gaddafi’s thoughts and sayings as much as The Red Book represented the sayings of China’s great leader Mao Zedong. The book is very readable in the translation which I found. I must admit, I have been made to be very biased in my opinions of Muammar al- Gaddafi by the western press which presents a caricature of a leader who, by his simple style and direct manner, I discern rightly or wrongly that he must have been a great man. I read the Wikipedia article about The Green Book and one article by a man called Andrew Roberts in The Daily Beast, both articles were not flattering of the Libyan Brother Leader. However, as a westerner myself, faced with the rise of China I have taken to heart prophetic words of some learned Europeans who said that if we wish to survive as a culture we must become curious about the modes of thinking and living of other groups of people. It stands to reason that we will not be able to assassinate them all. So I decided to sharpen my curiosity with The Green Book. Without further ado here are my top ten quotes from The Green Book. I have chosen them because they resonate with me and I can see a certain level of a priori and a posteriori knowledge within them. 

The Brother Leader on modern democracy: 

This is the reality of the political systems prevailing in the world today. They are dictatorial systems and it is evident that they falsify genuine democracy.


The Brother Leader with a copy of The Green Book

The Brother Leader on party politics:

The existence of many parties intensifies the struggle for power, and this results in the neglect of any achievements for the people and of any socially beneficial plans. Such actions are presented as a justification to undermine the position of the ruling party so that an opposing party can replace it.

The Brother Leader on freedom of the press: 

The press is a means of expression for society: it is not a means of expression for private individuals or corporate bodies. Therefore, logically and democratically, it should not belong to either one of them.

The Brother Leader on wage earning: 

Wage-earners are but slaves to the masters who hire them. They are temporary slaves, and their slavery lasts as long as they work for wages from employers, be they individuals or the state.

The Brother Leader on freedom of housing : 

Housing is an essential need for both the individual and the family and should not be owned by others. Living in another’s house, whether paying rent or not, compromises freedom.

The Brother Leader on Nationalism: 

Tribalism damages nationalism because tribal allegiance weakens national loyalty and flourishes at its expense. In the same way, loyalty to the family flourishes at the expense of tribal loyalty and weakens it. National loyalty is essential to the nation but, at the same time, it is a threat to humanity.

The Brother Leader on gender equality: 

It is an undisputed fact that both man and woman are human beings. It follows, as a self-evident fact, that woman and man are equal as human beings. Discrimination against woman by man is a flagrant act of oppression without justification for woman eats and drinks as man eats and drinks; woman loves and hates as man loves and hates; woman thinks, learns and comprehends as man thinks, learns and comprehends. Woman, like man, needs shelter, clothing, and transportation; woman feels hunger and thirst as man feels hunger and thirst; woman lives and dies as man lives and dies. 

The Brother Leader on gender differences: 

To ignore natural differences between men and women and to mix their roles is an absolutely uncivilized attitude, hostile to the laws of nature, destructive to human life, and a genuine cause for the wretchedness of human social life.

The Brother Leader on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: 

The latest age of slavery has been the enslavement of Blacks by White people. The memory of this age will persist in the thinking of Black people until they have vindicated themselves.

The Brother Leader on watching sports:  

When the masses march and play sport in the centre of playing fields and open spaces, stadiums will be vacant and become redundant. This will take place when the masses become aware of the fact; that sport is a public activity which must be practised rather than watched.


Instead of being a parochial leader Muammar al-Gaddafi’s interest in the great and small and its encapsulation in a simple text represent the modality of a Philosopher King of the likes of Plato’s The Republic  .  Genius is in simplicity and so I rank The Green Book, like for like, with his other great works which include the commissioning of The Great Man-made River, the sponsorship of the liberation of Africa most notably South Africa and other oppressed peoples and the universal housing of the Libyan people.  If you are materialistic you will be impressed to hear that at his death The Brother Leader was personally worth $200 Billion which made him the 8th wealthiest person of all time.  The rest of us are content to acknowledge that he was a martyr who stood for something to his people and the wider African continent. Rest in peace Brother Leader.

My name is Peter Campbell, reporting from company headquarters here in London. As far as the truth goes; seek and you shall find.