This website, its principals and the finance that back them are dedicated to fusing, maintaining and expanding the Caribbean Diaspora in Europe and by extension the whole developed world. We will fuse the Caribbean Diaspora in Europe by bringing them together in a free and open social network. We will maintain the Caribbean Diaspora in Europe through real world social, financial and political activity. We will expand the Caribbean Diaspora in Europe by calling on willing and able Caribbean people to join us in Europe. We will provide all those we choose with finance, legal advice, and ongoing practical support and training to ensure that their dreams of living better lives are brought to reality.

The first candidate for transfer to Europe has already been chosen. She has been legally advised and invested with five thousand pounds to make the move to Britain. Her ability to perform in her new environment will be used as a test case and a learning scenario. We will then move five, then twenty-five, then six hundred and sixty-six people into Europe legally within the laws as they stand. We will continue our good work until there are no more viable candidates to transfer.

A large population is a king’s glory, but without subjects a prince is ruined. The Caribbean East Atlantic Company is committed to working with partner governments to ensure that the transfer of Caribbean nationals to Europe does not have a ruinous effect on the homeland. Instead, we hope that our standards for transfer will boost a desire to attain higher education and our responsible sourcing of candidates will pull the workforce upwards and create space for graduates in the local workforce.

Our activity will straddle an ocean as we operate in Europe and the Caribbean. We intend to secure voting rights for our people living in the European Diaspora and facilitate Caribbean governments on issues such as taxation and investment within the Diaspora community. All other benefits will spring from the addressing of these major issues. There are spoils to be had by all, provided they work with our principals through our website and its agents through their bases of operation in the Caribbean and Europe. The blessings of the CEAC will fall on both those who conscientiously decide to leave the Caribbean and those who conscientiously decide to stay in their home country.

The time is ripe for Caribbean people to stop thinking small. Remittances are not the only benefits to be had from the transfer of people. The transfer of people and the forming of enclaves in other places can strengthen home countries and trade links and the transfer of knowledge. This constructive immigration and bridge building to facilitate exploration is the beginning of an empire. The First Caribbean Empire is the ultimate aim of the Caribbean East Atlantic Company. We call on the powerful and the able in the Caribbean and around the world to join us in whatever role they choose to help improve the Caribbean [including its Diaspora east of the Atlantic Ocean.]