One Order will go live in January. The concept was introduced to me back when I was in Jamaica. It was the idea that anything could be organized and made into a functional conglomerate. In Jamaica desperate men sought control over their world and the power to make a living. In Jamaica we associate “One Order” with criminality because some people organized their world with violence as a tool. Their success made the term synonymous with disorder. It is not.

One Order, as the name suggests, is a grouping of dissimilar people and organizations around a common aim and intention. It is the secular manifestation of Social Singularity. For there to be order there has to be leadership and an acceptance that we are all heading in the same direction. For there to be only one order a superior way of doing things has to emerge which envelopes all other ways of doing things.

Let’s move this discussion out of the realm of theories. I am talking about what we all have to do to stay alive. Whatever you do to survive that is your job. If you are not happy with your job because it is meaningless then One Order will offer you the pathway and the means to make your life better.

In January I will be launching an automated web solution which will put new prime jobs in official shortage areas at the disposal of everyone. It will go live with an eight stage process, each stage will have a purpose behind it which strives towards the greater good. I want to get a dialogue going with Jamaicans first because this system, with all its features, will be offered to you first. 

The process is as follows:

1)      Initial consultation

2)      Employer readiness

3)      Job allocation

4)      Relocation loan approval

5)      Immigration readiness

6)      Relocation action

7)      Post-relocation mentorship

8)      Social activity

The partners identified so far are as follows

1)      Employers

2)      Finance agencies

3)      Governments

4)      Regulatory bodies

5)      Law firms

6)      Product and service providers

7)      Ordinary citizens

Together we are tapping individual power, collective people power and corporate institutional power to get you a better life wherever in the world it might be. This is One Order, [together, one aim and one destiny.] 

My name is Peter Campbell, reporting from company HQ here in London, United Kingdom.  Seek and you shall find.