The Eastern European Immigrant
(Jan Koum)


The University Drop-out
(Mark Zuckerberg) 

Hello everyone. My name is Peter Campbell. I am the Managing Director of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. I run a social initiative centred on immigration and integration.  The inspiration for this article comes from Jan Koum the co-founder of WhatsApp, an immigrant from Eastern Europe who finally made it in Silicon Valley. I am not only inspired by the simplicity of his concept but by the fact that there is a lot more money to be made off more complex concepts which have just as much of a universal bearing on our lives.

There are lots of immigrants living on the fringes of city life in the major cities of the world.  There are many more who would give three fingers off their right hand to live on these same fringes. This should not be the case; however we do not live in a “should world.” It should be the case that qualified people from developing countries are shown the way to integrate into mainstream life in the city of their choice. It should be the case that developing countries that have produced such gifted workers be compensated for their contribution to first world countries. It should be the case that unqualified immigrants and future immigrants are shown the way to integrate in shortage growth areas of first world countries. In short, we should be opening up our borders to the right people by showing individuals how they can become the right person.

I am advocating for technology to be used for social initiatives.  My social initiative happens to be Immigrant Integration. My core concept is that if we, settled locals of first world countries, show the elite of other country groups living within our borders the path towards integration they will show the way to others in their community who are more likely to listen to them than to us.  How do we do this?

1)      Give them a job in a shortage industry

2)      Give them information about their host country at their fingertips

3)      Give them information about their home country at their fingertips

4)      Give them social connectivity to the wider immigrant and local community

5)      Give them access to information about pension schemes which help their home country

6)      Give them access to information about affordable housing

7)      Give them a chance to make their voice heard by the wider community

It’s all well and good that we can make an app that connects people using the internet and using their phone number. And sure, if we take £0.69 from everyone then a few people will become super rich. The concept of taking a small amount of money from millions of people to make a few wealthy individuals has been done to death. We should be making apps which connect people to other like-minded people they don’t already know.  We should be building apps which decrease the power of institutional discrimination. We should be building apps which decrease xenophobia and other unfounded fears of other people.  We should be building apps which give people more power over their job security. Apps which create more Jan Koums [aspiring immigrants who find their way] need to be built. As my web developers have told me “The technology already exists to do all that you want to do socially. All that is needed are people who want to and can do what you want to do socially.” It’s in times like these that I remember the words of my university principal Gordon Shirley. “There is no shortage of good ideas. There is a shortage of funding.”

The underpinning of my pitch to you is that our business can make ten million pounds in its second year by providing real world social and business services to individuals and organizations that need the untapped labour around the world and the lucrative shortage area jobs which are based in the developed world.  There are 2.2 billion people in the Commonwealth for whom our work on the World Wide Web and in the real world will come as a gift and in return they will gather around us as the standard of freedom in the twenty-first century.   

My name is Peter Campbell and my company is now seeking venture capital.