Hello everyone. My name is Peter Campbell. I am the Managing Director of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. We are primarily a recruitment and relocation consultancy with outsourcing relationships with immigration consultants and lawyers. We have recently made a foray into the provision of mental health services but our primary business is the recruitment and relocation of shortage area workers for British Industry. For this reason we are seeking qualified Nurses and midwives, Mathematics Chemistry and Physics teachers, Engineers of all types as well as Social Workers dealing with children and families. These are all areas in which Great Britain is experiencing a chronic shortage and represents an opportunity for people from the Commonwealth to step up into a better life with the right support. 

I must admit that since this company was formed in November of 2013 there have been challenges. We have done exploratory work which has revealed many obstacles in the path of our joint ambition [helping people from the Commonwealth get their foot in the door of British Industry.] We as a company need licensing in Jamaica to operate as an Overseas Employment Agency and the mechanics of this process has been time consuming. We also need REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) accreditation in the United Kingdom.  This accreditation will help our legitimacy to potential employers and the Jamaican government. In the initial stages we would need to have a licence in order to recruit workers but would not have jobs to offer since the offering of jobs is conditional on companies knowing that we already have a pool of talent. The chicken and egg scenario is not impossible to solve, however it will take transparency, a willingness to work together and the imputing of resources from investors and lenders. 

Funding has been identified in several sources [including the Global Innovation Fund] and is being pursued by the management team of Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited. However the going is slow and patience is the name of the game. Those who hold resources are unwilling to part with it on an untested proposition and as with even the sure things they take time. It’s unfortunate that we have lost friends and colleagues in our quest. Due to funding constraints and legal grey areas which could not be resolved in a timely manner we had to let staff go in Jamaica. As Managing Director and the key player in the outworking of this plan I would like to apologize to those who got their hopes up and who have not yet been rewarded for believing in us. I take my job and my commitment to you in the Caribbean seriously. 

We have identified credit options which would make it possible for us to do the REC accreditation on the 4th 5th and 6th of November. Once that hurdle is passed then we would look towards getting our licence to operate in the Caribbean [Jamaica]. In the mean time we have already started to approach our contact list of engineering firms with our proposal to fill vacancies which cannot be filled locally in a cost effective manner.  We are proposing things which are not being offered so far in the recruiting world and we believe that this will make our proposition attractive. 

Good things take time but as long as we have life and health then all things are possible.  To all the hopeful engineers, nurses, teachers and social workers in the Caribbean I say, “better mus’ come.” 

My name is Peter Campbell writing from company HQ here in London United Kingdom.