Sixty percent of Jamaicans secretly hark back to a day that never was when we were prosperous under British rule. They theorize that since Britain is doing well now, if we had stayed under their rule we would be doing well too.

I saw this post by one of my friends on Facebook who went to The University of the West Indies with me “Happy Independence!!!! even though there is a possibility that we would be in a better position under the British governance…”

I laughed to myself that she was theorizing about a better life both in another part of the world and also in a parallel universe [where there was no independence].

Another commenter had this to say “under British governance, we were enslaved, enormous profits were made here for the colonial masters. You could not have gotten any form of education, much less to work in a services sector. We may remember the bad that the idiots Jamaica has invested our governance in, even though they still work for those outside, but let us not be blinkered into thinking that those outside who built centuries of hate, murder and rape are interested in doing good and would do better than us believing in ourselves.”

Here was my ”from the hip” response to both comments. “Gavin Myers you are getting sucked into a fools proposition. Independence is an illusion whether you have it or you don’t have it. Take it from me I’m both proudly Jamaican and proudly British. There are no bad guys out here or there trying to rape your country there are just other larger countries trying to get by. You want us to all work together but you want to purge some of those same people and you hate most of the rest? Not wise. If there was a British Empire now a Black man from Jamaica could have become the head of it. But instead now you are free to fight among other Jamaicans to be King of Jamaica. But at the time Britain was broke and so they protected their interests and their parliament from us by giving our leaders the rock (Jamaica) while they kept the seed (Britain). I have too much to say so I’m just going to write a blog about it. Look out for it here

The Illusion 

I think that Jamaican independence is an illusion just as I think membership [or non-membership] in the EU is another illusion to another set of simpletons and Scottish Independence is just another concession to simple thinking. The fact is that national boundaries are being blurred more and more by Globalization and the world is moving towards Social Singularity where, as a social entity, the world operates as one large country. Multinational corporations are another level of rulership which is not seen on a day to day basis but which moves transnationally and in mysterious ways.  For example, if Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited survives then every Jamaican will de facto have access to Britain and Europe provided they aspire to a good Jamaican education. 

That’s the point I want to say with you most of all. Jamaica has an independent school system which produced a lot of people like me [billionaires in the making]. And if you want to live in Britain and be a British subject all you now have to do is go to university, apply yourself, and come into our offices once you are done. 

I won’t drag myself through the argument of what if. That is an argument for less able people. I prefer to ask the question “Now that we are independent, what next?”

What next? 

Jamaica has had a good opportunity to forge a national identity and gain the character that comes through struggle. We can now use our strategic position of independence to influence the rest of the world for good. Use our island as a testing ground for ideas which can be scaled up to cover the entire world. The underlying argument of union with Britain is that we needed the British mainland to carry us economically. But with the right mindset, our great weather and a younger population, one day, we could carry them. 

My name is Peter Campbell, proud to be British, prouder to be Jamaican.