Month: December 2015

Sustainable development goals: To what end?

At the turn of the millennium the United Nations came together to set targets to drastically reduce and eliminate the various manifestations of extreme poverty within humankind. Fifteen years was the deadline set and so this year’s end is a time of reflection. Many of the goals set have been achieved in various places while in others work remains to be done. The goals set by the United Nations back in 2000 were: 1.   To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 2.   To achieve universal primary education 3.   To promote gender equality 4.   To reduce child mortality 5.   To improve maternal health 6.   To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and...

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Overpopulation and Immigration

 We could all live in Texas… or the UK. Here are the arguments presented why migration should be curtailed. Disadvantages of inward migration Welfare costs: Increasing cost of providing public services as migrants come into a country. Worker displacement: Possible displacement effects of domestic workers. Social pressures: Social tensions arising from the problems of integrating hundreds of thousands of extra workers into local areas and regions. Pressure on property prices: Rising demand for housing which forces up prices and rents. Benefit claims: Many immigrants find it hard to get work. Who really gains? The benefits of migration are focused mainly...

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