Month: October 2015

Britain serious about shortages 

Hello to those who follow my blogs and to the newly interested.  My name is Peter Campbell and I am the Managing Director of a specialist Recruitment and Relocation Consultancy dedicated to the acquisition and relocation of top talent in official shortage areas for British industry and society. Official Shortage Areas include teaching mathematics, chemistry and physics, social work, engineering and various medical fields. Without these staff members the NHS, schools, small and medium sized enterprises and government agencies cannot function properly. At CEAC Global we believe in objectivity and fairness in recruiting. Our belief in objectivity also means...

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To the Seventy-six District Associations of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) 

​Dear teachers, ​I speak here to you as individual professionals and collectively as people who hold social power and capital within our proud and free island of Jamaica. I come to you as a fellow Jamaican who has ascended to a position of financial power within another island state, the United Kingdom. From that position of power and with respect for your power and adjoining responsibilities I come to you with an offer which needs to be made to ten individuals initially, Mathematics Teachers, and the best and brightest teachers that Jamaica has to offer over the long term. ...

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Seek Global Development

Portia Simpson-Miller Jamaican PM (Left) David Cameron British PM (Right) ​My Prime Minister on my Mother’s side, David Cameron, said to my Prime Minister on my Father’s side, Portia Simpson Miller, that he would give £25 million for the building of a new prison and another £300 million for infrastructure development of the Caribbean region.  They also had a very public spat about reparations for slavery. The two issues are not unconnected and while I could be petty in commenting on the issues I will try to, as usual, transcend the divide and straddle the Atlantic Ocean with my...

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