Month: July 2015

Declaration to the Commonwealth Secretariat

Introduction Caribbean East Atlantic Company Limited is a Civil Society Organization which operates for profit in the interest of the societies of the Commonwealth and the wider world. It was founded as an Unlimited Liability Company on Father’s Day 16th June 2013 and became a Private Limited Liability Company on November 15th 2013. The organization was founded with money from British Expatriates living in the Caribbean as well as from local money raised by the Managing Director Peter Campbell who is a Jamaican by birth. With our Head Office currently based in London United Kingdom, Caribbean East Atlantic Company...

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When can we all go home? 

This post was inspired by a man named Mr. Sotomayor who reaffirmed in me the belief that we all have a choice. Sometimes our choice may appear to be between bad and worse options but I believe that if we seek it out we can find the good and the better.  What I will now write are fresh ideas in one stream of thought. Will you make a choice? What do I do?  In my day job I help people find their way in life in a very profound way. I hope that my company will grow into the...

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