Month: June 2015

My journey to prosperity through books 

Departure of thought The day my journey stopped being wishful thinking and started to become my destiny was the day back in 2009 when I read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I learnt over time to concentrate my mental efforts on the goal of becoming wealthy. Once I had laid that plan I realized that travel would be the only way of widening my narrow horizons.  Arrival in Babylon Seven years later in a new environment and with different means I began a practical quest towards accumulating wealth using the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” by...

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Two years later today

Two years ago today I decided to start a company which would make Britain more accessible to people from the developing world with the shortage area skills that the UK said it needed. I named the business Caribbean East Atlantic Company in homage to both where I came from and where I had gone to; the deeper meaning behind the name being that like the British East India Company of years gone by I intended to trade with and explore the world and in doing so build an empire. I would not just do this myself but I would...

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The Free International University of the West Indies

This is an idea that occurred to me as to how education could be free and still profitable. Inputs would have to be cheap and outputs [the student] would have to be necessary. This requires looking at the whole supply chain of education.  This post is about the future. It may seem crazy to some because the ideas put forward have not yet been accomplished or seen practically anywhere. I have suggested ideas [in the past to George Osborne in this forum] which even to me seem crazy. Every time it occurs to me an idea so grand that...

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