Month: May 2015

We are on the brink [of great things]

I feel as if we are on the brink of realizing great and powerful things. Getting to this point has been an epic struggle and I foresee that there are even greater struggles ahead. If you are reading this you probably have aspirations of world travel and a better job within a better life. As someone who has done it before here is a synopsis of how I got here and the strategy for what I intend to do next.  How I got here: When on the brink of greatness: 1)      I learnt the basics of public speaking from...

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To the Prime Minister of Great Britain Mr. David Cameron

Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron CEAC Global Ltd CEO Peter Campbell Hello Mr. Cameron. My name is Peter Campbell. I have traveled across an ocean to reunite with the British people.  I have lived amongst you for the past six years learning about the country, finding myself and a suitable cause to align with. I believe I have found such a cause which is no greater within its realm than the basic interests of the British People. The basic interests of the British People are like those of any other state or individual. Abraham Maslow described the hierarchy of...

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Pre-order your subscription to “CEAC Global Relocation”

The magazine CEAC Global Relocation can now be pre-ordered before its official release date in late September.  Pre-ordering your subscription will secure you a 10% discount on the subscription cost [£40 being reduced to £36]. In addition to this offer of discount the first four thousand people to pre-order the magazine will be eligible for £36 off their Relocation and Employment Readiness Consultation. Below are descriptions of our eight headline articles:  Headline content 1)      The CEAC Global Consortium Challenge Introduction to finance and how you can work with it to make your dream job a reality, 2)      Why we...

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Learning from great architects; Pandit Nehru and Babasaheb

Jawaharlal Nehru India’s first Prime Minister Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar India’s Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee I have ventured towards learning about the great men of India as my web presence has gotten a lot of interest from that part of the world. I have chosen the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru and the Chairman of the Constitution drafting committee Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar for consideration in this post. Here are the nine lessons and admonitions I have drawn from the consideration of their lives and deeds.  Admonitions gained from the architects  1.    Learn the scriptures of your...

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In pursuit of progress “CEAC Global Relocation” 

Progress is both a noun and a verb. It is our strife and our goal and so it is both a journey and a conceived destination. I say that I have pursued progress because, for me, it has been a moving target. I am changing and so my conception of my destination has changed as well.  Pursuits of the past In October of 2009 I got my British Passport and decided that I wanted to travel from Jamaica around the world to write a fictional novel about time travel woven into real life science. My commitment to the cause was sure,...

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