Month: August 2014

Happy Independence Jamaica!

Sixty percent of Jamaicans secretly hark back to a day that never was when we were prosperous under British rule. They theorize that since Britain is doing well now, if we had stayed under their rule we would be doing well too. I saw this post by one of my friends on Facebook who went to The University of the West Indies with me “Happy Independence!!!! even though there is a possibility that we would be in a better position under the British governance…” I laughed to myself that she was theorizing about a better life both in another part of the world and also in a parallel universe [where there was no independence]. Another commenter had this to say “under British governance, we were enslaved, enormous profits were made here for the colonial masters. You could not have gotten any form of education, much less to work in a services sector. We may remember the bad that the idiots Jamaica has invested our governance in, even though they still work for those outside, but let us not be blinkered into thinking that those outside who built centuries of hate, murder and rape are interested in doing good and would do better than us believing in ourselves.” Here was my ”from the hip” response to both comments. “Gavin Myers you are getting sucked into a fools proposition....

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Transnationalism and Social Singularity

After reading a dense article about investing to achieve an impact in society I decided to investigate the problems and situations arising from the African-Caribbean experience of settling in Britain. My objective was to gain a better understanding of how I could make an impact in a transnational community such as that of the first, second and third generation Caribbean Nationals living in the UK. Ostensibly my impact would be Social Singularity, a term I coined from a superficial understanding of technological singularity applied in a social scenario. Technological Singularity being a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence, human biological enhancement, or brain-computer interfaces will have progressed to the point of a greater-than-human intelligence, radically changing civilization, and perhaps human nature. Therefore my idea of social singularity is the point at which governmental organizations, social institutions and individuals come together as one greater that human intelligence to use the world and harness its natural and social energies as one unit enabling us to focus our energies and reduce the impact of an aging population, reach out to other worlds and populate the moon among other things. I look at globalization, the United Nations and economic groupings such as the EU, AU and NAFTA as all expressions of the world moving towards Social Singularity. I happened upon the term Transnationalism as a title to an article about Caribbean Nationals living in...

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